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faxhigh02I would like to share wonderful news with you! The Russian-Canadian Cultural Aid Society is publishing a new issue of our HERITAGE magazine. Evidently, there is a great necessity in issuing such magazine. Despite a great number of Russian magazines and newspapers published in Toronto, there is a shortage of materials that cover such topics as culture, literature, history and religion – topics that are very dear to Russian people.

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Reason for Registration

The Russian Canadian Heritage Foundation of Maria Blagoveshchensky has been registered as a charity because it advances religion by teaching the religious tenets, doctrines and culture associated with Russian Orthodox faith, and advances education by increasing the public’s understanding and appreciation of the arts, through the prevision of artistic performances and seminars.


Charitable Business Number

The Russian-Canadian Heritage Foundation of Maria Blagoveshchensky

 Charitable Business Number :

83990 5957 RR0001

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